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Sunset til Sunrise presents How Strange


Sunset til Sunrise presents How Strange. I love working for Tall… the Close Encounters of the 3d Kind flyer (shown below, keep scrolling…. yep thar it is!) was one of my favorite flyers I’ve done (if you look at it with 3-d glass, YES, it’s actually 3-d.. woooOoOoOoOo!). Anyhow, Tall wanted this flyer to be a collaboration of talents, just like his party. So he got one of his favorite local artists “Valentine” to put together the graphics you see in the background of the flyer, then he handed it over to me. I did the entire layout. This is the first collab piece I’ve done since college, and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with how it turned out. I’m looking forward to this event, for sure. Tall puts his heart and soul into these events, and you can tell when you get there, because they’re just incredible. This was a full page 11×8.5, 4/4, folded piece done in a quantity of 5000.