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Another Threadless Submission! Go Vote!

Vote for my t-shirt design! "Frozen with TERROR"!

Hey guys! I did another t-shirt design for Threadless. This is really getting addicting. I did this design for their design competition “Threadless Loves Horror” (as do I)! I’m really getting the Halloween bug so I found it really fun and easy to do this design. It is way more my style as far as where I see my t-shirt designs going than the one I did previously, and my scores are already reflecting that. So please, help me out! If by some crazy chance I do win I plan to use the money to buy my boyfriend and I the bedroom furniture we’re missing to complete our room! It’s long overdue! Thanks and happy voting!

Sinister Movement Presents Get Spooky 3

Here is the flyer I did for Sinister Movements Get Spooky 3. The event takes place on October 22, 2010 at the legendary classic venue… The Coliseum. Lineup features Empress, Lea Luna, Product 19, Kastle, and a variety of quality local talent. Admission is $20 and more info can be found at

Halloween 2009 – Kool-Aid Man & Kool-Aid Girl!

So I don’t normally post anything but design, however… I wanted to get a few pics of my boyfriend’s Halloween costume up here. I figure that’s artistic enough, since we made the entire thing from scratch. Rich wanted to be Kool-Aid Man for Halloween 2009, and after first protesting, I gave in. After a few months of planning, we finally came up with a way to make it, and here are the results. After the first weekend of our Halloween Celebrations at the Humanaut Chinatown Inn Halloween Party we took home “Best Couple” and “Sexiest”… that one went to me… lol! Hopefully this upcoming weekend proves just as successful!

Kool-Aid Man Costume Halloween 2010

Kool-Aid Man Halloween 2010

Kool-Aid Man Halloween 2010

Sunset Til Sunrise Presents 3D Thriller

This is the flyer for 3D Thriller thrown by Sunset Til Sunrise and will take place at the Irish Centre in Pittsburgh, on October 31, 2009. For this flyer the promoter wanted to focus on Thriller so even though I try my hardest not to use images from other things, I at least tried to make them into something unique for this flyer. All the background images were manipulated, and then manipulated again so that if you look at this with anaglyph 3D glasses, the images will appear 3D. Tall with Sunset Til Sunrise is great to work with. I can’t wait until his parties in the spring, because the designs are so fun to do. This was ordered in a rush quantity of 500, and an additional 5000 to arrive next week.