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Tantrick Productions Presents Resurgence

This is the promo piece I did for Tantrick Productions’ event titled Resurgence featuring DJ Swamp. It’s being held on Thursday, May 6, 2010 at Dream Nightclub (the old Metropolis) in Cleveland. Supporting Dj Swamp are Agent 11, Evasion, Sam Snow, DJ Gravity, Kid Napalm, Liquidjulz, and SWB vs. Stevie P.

Umbrella Productions presents Blood Feast


Umbrella Productions presents Blood Feast at View Night Club in Cleveland, Ohio on Halloween, October 31st, 2009. This should be an interesting party, as are all parties thrown by Umbrella Productions. This event will be hosted by Kat the Midget Entertainer and have lots of bloody, ghoulish contests, performances, and prizes. This was a half page flyer, done in a quantity of 5000. There was also a poster and web banner designed, however they are very similar to the flyer and I don’t feel the need to post. 😛