UPDATE! (Yes, I’m still around – just a good bit older now.)

Hey everyone! Figured I’d check in… I am no longer a 20-something though – HAH! I am now 32, about to be 33… and this design stuff isn’t my side hustle anymore…


Oh yeahhhhhh! So, if you’d like to ever hire me for design, hit me up at my company’s page: Fame15 Creative. (www.fame15creative.com)

At Fame we are doing some seriously cool things. Aside from being a full service marketing and design agency, we also plan and curate our own events. Coming up next on our calendars is the Crosstown Cookout at the Mon Wharf! The event is now in its 3rd year, and is going to be one hell of a time. Check out the event page here ⇝ www.crosstowncookout.com.

So anywhoooooo – hello internet. Check out my more accurate online presence. The rave shit was fun, but on to bigger and better thangs.


About sara@lolli.org

Twenty-something female, residing in Pittsburgh, PA. Educated with a degree in Communication Design. Currently working as the Marketing Director and Graphic Designer for a high end Pittsburgh salon chain. Enjoys freelance endeavors, as well as music, traveling, and the social scene. Please feel free to contact me to inquire about design. I also have access to very competitively priced printing, which I usually work into all my quotes. For information, or just to say "holla" : sara@lolli.org

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