Daily Archives: October 30, 2009

Yay… Rainbow Puke!!!!!


So I’m incredibly bored at work today. I’m brainstorming how to do the Freeze This 2 flyer, and thought of maybe doing a vector flyer. Even though that’s completely not my style. I like vector art a lot… I’ve browsed some sites lately where the work that goes into these pieces is just incredible. However on the whole, to google vector art is slightly disturbing.I’m not sure who started it, but it seems there is all this vector art floating around right now that just lacks ANYTHING creative. It all looks exactly the same: gradient background, rainbows, clouds, bright colors, swirls, those hellishly annoying “drip things”… Hence my experiment above. Its so easy to copy that style. I don’t know, for all the work that goes into design, I’d like my efforts going towards something at least slightly original, as opposed to looking like everyone elses? Its like “okay it was cool the first time, but ummmmmm enough is enough.” Who knows, maybe if I dabble a bit more in it I could find ways to tweak it to be my own. Until then I dub thee “generic art of the semi early 2000’s”.