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Yay… Rainbow Puke!!!!!


So I’m incredibly bored at work today. I’m brainstorming how to do the Freeze This 2 flyer, and thought of maybe doing a vector flyer. Even though that’s completely not my style. I like vector art a lot… I’ve browsed some sites lately where the work that goes into these pieces is just incredible. However on the whole, to google vector art is slightly disturbing.I’m not sure who started it, but it seems there is all this vector art floating around right now that just lacks ANYTHING creative. It all looks exactly the same: gradient background, rainbows, clouds, bright colors, swirls, those hellishly annoying “drip things”… Hence my experiment above. Its so easy to copy that style. I don’t know, for all the work that goes into design, I’d like my efforts going towards something at least slightly original, as opposed to looking like everyone elses? Its like “okay it was cool the first time, but ummmmmm enough is enough.” Who knows, maybe if I dabble a bit more in it I could find ways to tweak it to be my own. Until then I dub thee “generic art of the semi early 2000’s”.

Full House presents KOMPOSED featuring Komposit



I really like this design. While I can do the whole “omg rave” thing… I really prefer dark, simplistic design focusing on typography with lot of negative space. I can just eat it up. LOL. Anyways, this is for the Full House guys… they’re bringing in Komposit, which is an alter ego for Habersham. I saw Habersham a year or so back and it was an awesome time. Here’s the bio:


Komposit: An alter ego of Damon Fonooni’s (best known as Habersham) aimed squarely at the sounds of bastardized Techno, Tech-House and Experimental/IDM. As hypnotic as he is alien, Komposit also serves as a LIVE PA stage presence in which the audience is provided with a unique, intense experience: sound loops designed specifically for each show truly pushing the ‘live’ context of electronics with complete deconstruction and reconstruction of infectious tech-based grooves, noise, and harmonics; A new presence for a new era. 

The Komposit incarnation has remixed Chris Fortier’s Belt Seat Fasten on ‘As Long As The Moment Remixed Part 2’ [EQ] together with Techno heavyweights Mark Henning, Ed Davenport, Ink & Needle and more, Rob Dowell’s The Proposition on Lobotomy Records, plus forthcoming releases including Eutactic – Hypnagogia [Komposit Mix] on Auralism Records and Rift – Road To Awe [Komposit Mix] w/Touane Remix on Vellum Recordings.

Komposits sound will push the sonic barrier, and when you think you’ve had enough, thats when he is only starting.


Komposit will be supported by a top notch local lineup as always. So yeah, definitely a night you won’t want to miss. Always like doing work for the Full House crew as well. Quality events with professional attitudes… can’t go wrong with that. The venue is TBA for this, but the date is November 28, 2009. Check for event updates and what not.

B.A.D. Ass. presents JUPITER

jupiter_bad_ass_sara_lolli_orgI’m late getting this one posted… been preoccupied with the Kool-Aid Man costume! Anyhow this is small, but its the flyer I did for B.A.D. Ass.’s Jupiter party. It’s the 5th party in the planetary series, and the first of the gas giants. Its being held at a new awesome venue, the Pittsburgh Indoor Sports Arena. I haven’t had a chance to check out this venue yet, but I’ve heard nothing but great things. We’ll probably check out this party, as Pikey will be there. Pikey is an extremely entertaining DJ from the UK who has a very eclectic style, but more importantly he’s a very down to earth guy who’s great to kick it with. Anyways, we did this flyer a bit differently and made it twice the width of the previous flyers. Its a folding piece, so that when folded resembles the fronts of the other flyers. Sorry for my lack of grammatical intellect tonight… I’m a bit tired! Anywho.. that’s about enough of that. Go to this party… it will be awesome. Oh and for the 21+, it has a bar. Mmmmm… beer….

Halloween 2009 – Kool-Aid Man & Kool-Aid Girl!

So I don’t normally post anything but design, however… I wanted to get a few pics of my boyfriend’s Halloween costume up here. I figure that’s artistic enough, since we made the entire thing from scratch. Rich wanted to be Kool-Aid Man for Halloween 2009, and after first protesting, I gave in. After a few months of planning, we finally came up with a way to make it, and here are the results. After the first weekend of our Halloween Celebrations at the Humanaut Chinatown Inn Halloween Party we took home “Best Couple” and “Sexiest”… that one went to me… lol! Hopefully this upcoming weekend proves just as successful!

Kool-Aid Man Costume Halloween 2010

Kool-Aid Man Halloween 2010

Kool-Aid Man Halloween 2010